Marketers – You’re Never Not Working (and why that’s a good thing!)

Marketing is one of the fields where you are never truly “off.” Social media doesn’t stop, conversations are continuous, news stations are constantly buzzing, and events are usually during the nights or weekends. It can feel like you’re always working…and to be honest, you are.

But, here’s why that’s actually a great thing:


Connecting with others is a great way to feel fulfilled.

You can make connections.  Networking in the community is the best way to grow a business, meet people who you can help and who can help you, and to discover new techniques or potential partnerships. There have been many times when I’m at a concert, dinner, workshop, or even a friend’s house and have met the most interesting people who I later work with in one way or another. If you remain open and inquisitive, you’ll not only have a more enjoyable experience, but you’ll become better connected, feel more fulfilled, and be better at your job!


Creativity comes at random times. Most of my ideas come to me while I’m doing something else. Marketing is a wonderful industry because you aren’t tied to a desk. You often get to go out, take photos or coordinate photoshoots, have walking meetings, scout locations, meet with the media, or find other creative ways to express your brand and business. When I first started in the marketing field, I was shocked that my best ideas came to me after work while I was running on the treadmill or lifting weights at the gym. When you let your mind relax a little, pay attention to the solutions you come up with – our brains are always active.


Relish in the challenge!  Personally, if work isn’t a challenge, then I don’t enjoy it. If you aren’t proud of what you’re doing, then you’re probably not having fun. But you should be! As a marketer, you’re helping others. You’re serving them, giving them crucial information, helping them discover things that make their lives better, and you should be proud of the work you do! When you are proud of what you do, it stops feeling like work and it starts to feel like a fun adventure. Be sure to take time each week to track your progress and share it with those in your company/organization who it is effecting. I promise that you’ll feel a warm glow as you see them smile when you tell them how many people saw an article or commented on a post. People want to be seen and as a marketer, you make that happen for others!


You can always learn something new. There are so many different avenues to pursue in marketing. If you’re not loving what you’re doing, if you’re not turned on and feel on fire for what you’re working on, you can change paths. Marketing involves PR, media relations, branding, graphic design, website development, videography…the list goes on and on! (You can click those topics for my corresponding blog posts, if you’d like!) You are in control of your life and your choices. If one area isn’t quite right for you, there’s always something else to learn about and try!

When you’re a marketer, you have so many options to explore! You are able to pursue lots of different adventures in the realm of marketing. For me, that included amateur videography. Here I was filming a short video for the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

If you want a job where you leave work and don’t think about it, become an accountant. But if you’re excited about life, love to find innovative solutions, and enjoy helping others, then marketing is an excellent career field.

What do you think? Have you felt like you’re overworked or do you enjoy jotting down random ideas at dinner or during a movie? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you to Digiman Studio who captured the feature image of this post and the group circle above during the Reno-Tahoe AMA.

Thank you for reading – I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Martin says:

    wow. Nice post I really enjoy reading this post. keep up the good work


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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