Why Marketers Should Partner with a Nonprofit

You’ll see it stressed over and over again in today’s current market research – transparency for organizations is key. People are tired of being marketed to by blast advertisements that don’t connect with their values, thoughts, and interests. The era of shameless self-promotion is quickly coming to a close. So where does that leave companies?

Businesses and organizations must get back to the fundamentals. They need to find their why. Partnering with a nonprofit is a great, easy way to showcase your company’s humanity and help others connect to you. It provides effective marketing that is generally pretty inexpensive and that genuinely helps humanity. It shows who you are by communicating what’s truly important to you. (So it’s really important to pick a nonprofit that aligns well with your values and objectives…but I’ll cover how to do that in a future post!) The best way to transparently showcase what your business believes in is to actively get involved with and help a nonprofit organization aligned with your values.

Plus there are tons of added benefits!

What are the benefits to partnering with a nonprofit?

Events – event partnership and sponsorship allows you to get involved with the nonprofit and get in front of the public’s eye in a great way. You can sponsor an event and give the nonprofit the needed funds to run an event, or get more involved with direct volunteering. You can allow your employees to volunteer the day of the event or you can get involved in the planning and preparation. Nonprofits always need help and they are generally pretty flexible in how you want to get involved. Be sure to come to an agreement about the level of your involvement first and what (if any) public benefits that will entail. Will they be able to do a social media post showing your employees volunteering? Can they add your logo to their website? Will they allow you to give out SWAG at their table during the event?

Credibility/SEO – When you become involved with a nonprofit to the point where they start to mention you on their social media and website, it will help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Nonprofits are generally .org websites and the algorithm that helps search engines prioritize legitimate and credible sources of information value .orgs (and .govs, .edus) more highly than .coms or .nets. So, when you invest money in a nonprofit you believe in, you’re not only helping a much needed cause, you’re also helping your SEO results.

News Coverage – news stations report what matters most to the public. You know what matters to people? Helping others. News stations love to cover local nonprofits – their events and programs, so if you can be involved authentically with the nonprofit with an important project or event, you’ll likely also get a little news coverage glow.

Woman in a t-shirt from a local clothing store holding a sleeping puppy from the SPCA.
Partnering with a nonprofit is fun, motivates employees, and lets you show who you are and what you believe in as a company! This photo is from a photoshoot we did with the SPCA of Northern Nevada and Sierra Belle – an adorable, pet-loving boutique located in Reno!

Creativity – one of the fun ways that partnering with a nonprofit helps is that you can be fun and creative! It will inject energy into your campaigns because you’ll get to talk about things that truly matter to the organization (other than the bottom line). It mixes things up and keeps your content fresh.

Tribe – Those who believe in the same cause as your organization and the nonprofit you partner with will start to trust you. (This only works if you are authentically engaged and giving from your heart!) It will establish your credibility by showing the heart and soul of your company to the public. It will show that you believe in the betterment of society and that you are dedicated to being more than just a money-generating machine. Once this credibility starts to build, those who notice will tell others. Nonprofits usually have a core group of believers – a well-connected community that backs up the nonprofit and helps drive the cause forward. Once you are part of the tribe, they will start to recommend to to their friends and family. THis word of mouth marketing is key as social sharing platforms like Yelp and Facebook Reviews continue to spread in use and popularity.

Happy, motivated employees – oh, yeah, one of the most important benefits! Your employees are just like everyone else – they find joy in helping others. They decided to work for your company for a reason, and that reason is probably that they already feel a connection to your values. So when you pick a nonprofit to partner with that also aligns with those values, they will be more than happy to get a chance to help an organization that is there to make an impact. Having a goal outside of making money will keep both leadership and employees focused and motivated. It will help them get more satisfaction out of their work!

Just plain good for humanity – finally, partnering with a nonprofit is just good in general. You’re doing good in the community, which every day is becoming part of the global community. Nonprofits organizations do the most important work that we have. They face some of the greatest challenges that we have and they take them head on with limited resources. Things like pet overpopulation and pet abuse, hunger, lack of educational programs, cancer research, immunizations, and medical care for families who can’t afford it…nonprofits are there for all of us. So when you become part of the solution, yes, your business will benefit with inexpensive but impactful marketing, but more importantly, you’ll be doing what is best for the world.

Personally, I like a lot of nonprofit organizations. Here are a few of my favorites right now:

The SPCA of Northern Nevada

The Reno Ronald McDonald House

The Great Basin Institute

Sierra Nevada Journeys

I hope you enjoyed this Friday blog post! Thank you for reading it! What nonprofits do you believe in? Leave them in the comments so I can go check them out!

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  1. Erfan says:

    I just wish to say your article is outstanding.
    The clarity in your post is just cool and I could assume you are an expert on this subject.
    With your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.
    Thanks a lot and please continue the gratifying work.
    Thank you so much.

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    1. Hi Erfan, thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it and am glad you are finding the posts useful. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and to reach out if you have any suggestions!


  2. Hi Angela!
    I completely agree with you about all of the benefits all businesses can get if they partner with a nonprofit. I think that especially in a world heavily influences by social media, any good and honest press a brand can generate is important! I really enjoyed all of the helpful tips you also included regarding the best ways a business can connect with a nonprofit and have it benefit both parties! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Norah!
      Thank you so much for reading! This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart as a marketer because I used to do the marketing for the SPCA here in Reno. There are truly so many benefits to both the nonprofit and the business. I’m glad you enjoyed and thank you for commenting!


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