How to Enable Your Twitter Handle on your WordPress Site Share Button

I love blogging, reading other people’s blogs, learning through conversation, and connecting through shared knowledge. Whenever I find something particularly worthwhile, I share it on my Twitter page.

When I find something that someone has created and I find it valuable enough to share it with people I know, I want to publicly thank the content creator! The best way to do that is to give them credit by tagging them on Twitter. Then I’m not only letting them know their content rocked my socks, but it also tells anyone else who sees my tweet that they should check out the content creator’s Twitter feed, too!

But, some people’s content is MUCH easier to share.

What makes the difference? Having a social share button enabled that automatically tags the content creator!

Sure, it may be easy to find the Twitter handles of major influencers to share their content and signal to them on Twitter if they don’t have their websites properly configured, but I am here to tell you that for the rest of us, if you don’t make it easy, people are not going to put in the time and figure out which of the 200 active Angela Rudolphs you are in order to tag you in a post.

I personally have spent A LOT of time searching out Twitter profiles for content creators when I’ve found their amazing work that I want to share. Far too often, I can’t find them to give them proper credit, which means the people I know via social miss out on that individual, too.

Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to personalize . You can do it in way under two minutes! I even made a video that is just 105 seconds long to show you how to make sure your Twitter handle is automatically added to tweets sharing your content.

I promise this 1 minute 45 second video will teach you how to make sure you’re tagged whenever someone shares your content via the Twitter “Share” button on a WordPress post.

If you don’t have a quick minute 45 to spare, let me tell you how to do it instead!

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: On the lefthand side menu, tap on “Settings”

Step 3: Under settings, go to “Sharing”

Step 4: Make sure the social share button for Twitter is enabled, then scroll down and customize the text to your Twitter handle.

That’s it! Tap “Save Changes” and BAM!! No more missing out on connecting to fabulous people like me who want to share your content and thank you publicly.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading!

Have you ever run into this problem before? Let me know in the comments. I want to make sure to create content you find helpful so I value your feedback!

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