7 Holiday Content Ideas

Scrambling for holiday content ideas like a last-minute Christmas shopper? Racking your brain to create something merry and bright?

Luckily, I’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 holiday content ideas that will help you connect with your audience during this festive time of year…

(Remember, content topics can be used to create videos, photos, podcasts, blog posts, and ads that all tie in together! Vary the content based on the platform on which you’re posting.)

  1. Volunteerism/Fundraising – If your company is giving back to the community either with a team-building volunteer trip, or a fundraiser for a charity, tell people about it! Everyone loves a good post about how your company isn’t solely focused on making as much money as possible. Blogging about the nonprofit you’re benefitting, making a short video (even just with your cell phone!), or including posts of pictures of your team collecting items to donate can give your audience a chance to connect with the people, mission, and values of your organization.
Sugar cookies in a bag that look like Santa Claus.
Cookie exchange? Feature it! (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)
  • Holiday festivities around the office – Do you hold an office decorating competition? Are you organizing a cookie or ornament exchange for employees? Do you hold a company Christmas party? Featuring the fun, festive things that make your employees happy will take your audience on a fun journey where you can share the holiday spirit together.
  • Fun holiday-themed promotions – Plan a holiday-themed week of discounts. Maybe a 12 Days of Christmas or do a Secret Santa Sale where a product or service is announced that will be on special that day (like a flash sale!). Give customers a fun little stocking stuffer with each purchase (maybe some candy canes or a small box of chocolates). Everyone is busy buying gifts this time of year and as we all know, we want to save as much money as possible! By doing a themed discount or promotion, it adds fun to the shopping experience and shows you’re sympathetic to how much money everyone has to spend.
  • Looking back – This is a fun one that can be done in two ways.
    • What made this past year extra special for you? Look back at big accomplishment or changes that happened in your company. How many new employees did you get? Did you open a new location? Did you create new partnerships? Did your employees go to special training to help better serve customers? Give a snapshot overview of the milestones your company and employees had over the last year.
    • How did people interact with your product or service this past year? Many companies like Spotify, Instagram Top 9, and others have done an excellent job on harnessing customer data and showing people what they’ve done over the past year. If you’re able to personalize customer’s data and experiences with you and share it with them directly, they just might want to share it with everyone they know via social media, too. (YAY! Free advertising!)
Screenshot of Spotify's "Your 2019 Wrapped" feature that shows the individual's top 5 artists they listened to of the past year.
Spotify did a “Your 2019 Wrapped” where they created a series of posts within their app that paired with Instagram. It was personalized data that showed what songs and artists you listened to most over the last year. It includes a “Share this Story” button and made sharing your content incredibly simple. So simple that the day it came out I saw this in the story of my friend’s Instagrams accounts over and over. It became a great, viral marketing tool for Spotify. Brilliant.
  • Goals for the new year – everyone loves some good ol’ resolutions! Create a series of content posts sharing what you and your employees are going to try to achieve personally this upcoming year, or focus on the goals of the company/organization as a whole. This could be especially prevalent this year as we enter a whole new decade!
  • Holiday gift guides – this is huge. People don’t know what to buy friends, family, and acquaintances. If you’re able to create gift guides, people will definitely tune in. You can include your product or service as an idea, but don’t make it a totally promotional post. Be sure to include great ideas that have nothing to do with your company. Above all, add value.

    If your product or service doesn’t fit in well as a gift, maybe feature the wish lists of employees! Give an overview of who the employee is and a short list of their holiday wishes. (I.E. This is Brandon! He’s a guy in his mid twenties who loves golf and has worked here for 2 years. Brandon would love golf shirts, a range finder, a gift certificate to Best Buy, or some delicious homemade cookies.)
  • Ways to celebrate – What is fun to do in your area? Make a list of activities that people can do. Maybe a list of holiday date nights. Or a list of fun, festive family outings. Tailor your content to your audience to make it the most useful for them. Include things to do locally if appropriate or give a more generic list of ideas that could be done anywhere if you have a more global audience.
Two ladies dressed in Christmas outfits near a tree with champagne.
(Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)

Content ideas are endless. In the spirit of the holidays, let’s help each other out! What other ideas for holiday content do you have? Share them with us in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!

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