6 Tips to Get the Most out of Attending a Marketing Conference

Some of my best ideas come when I’m attending conferences. The energy is high, you’re surrounded by people who love marketing as much as you do (incredible, I know!), and you’re not constrained by the normal day-to-day operations of your job. It’s the ultimate cocktail for creative freedom.

But, it can be easy to get a little lost in the excitement and not get quite as much out of attending a marketing conference as you possibly can. Luckily, I have 6 quick tips to help you optimize your conference experience and come away with lasting connections and insights.

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Don’t have time to watch the video? No problem-o!

Here’s a quick and dirty run down of the tips:

6 (Quick) Tips (for details, come back and check out the video when you get a chance)!

  1. Connect to the conference itself on social media. Most conference will have some kind of social presence on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Connect to the conference and interact with the content. Then, connect with the speakers! (This is where the real magic can happen!) Friend request them, follow them, or connect with the keynote speakers and presenters.
  2. Do your research! Before you attend, take the time and effort to put in a quick 2-minute google search to find out about the speakers, their companies, and their values. It can help you decide which talks to attend if multiple are offered simultaneously.
  3. Bring your business cards, but connect with people in real time on social media via your smartphone during the conference. Let’s face it – business cards are not the most efficient way to connect with people. Why not whip out your phone and get contact details on the spot in a place you won’t misplace them! Make instant social connections.
  4. Dress to impress. Whether we like to admit it or not, it’s a proven fact that people judge others based on appearance. Keep that in mind while attending. Know that what you wear and how you groom yourself impacts the way people think about it. It’s called implicit bias and while we can try and counteract it, it takes effort. So decide the vibe you want to present and dress how you want others to view you.
  5. Take notes, stay engaged, and ask questions! It can be tempting to zone out, but resist that urge! Stay actively engaged throughout all the talks you attend. (Keep a little snack in your bag if you tend to tune out when you’re thinking about your stomach!)
  6. Pro tip: when the conference ends, you’re just beginning. Follow up!! Make sure to send personalized notes via email or direct message to new connections you made. Leave reviews on the conference social media. Write up the key takeaways and send them to your boss (and anyone else who might benefit in your company). It’ll not only help you learn and build your network, but it’ll impress your boss, too!

If you’re interested in learning about the conference I’m attending, you can check out Digital Summit.

That’s it! So go out there and get the most out of the conferences you attend!

Have you tried any of these before? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for watching (and reading). I hope you enjoyed and found it helpful.

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