How to make popular and effective content on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular, semi-open water social media platforms right now. (Semi-open because it’s not as open as it was about a year ago, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start swimming now!)

All kinds of folks use TikTok. People without TikTok accounts love watching TikTok content. People create accounts without posting just to scroll through the content and share it easily. Some people are dabbling around with posting, but mostly consuming content. Then you have those few people who post often and have found their niche. 

Creator Ryn_Zee appeared in my “for you” page feed. Most users engage with the FYP more often than the “Following” page, making TikTok a great platform for unknown creators to be seen.

With fewer ads than other social platforms and few people who truly post to the platform often, there is a lot of opportunity on TikTok to expand your brand’s reach and establish your corner of the platform. 

THE TIME IS NOW! Hop on the content train and start posting. 

A word of caution before we dive into what will resonate on the platform – it is a commitment. 

You should realistically have a posting cadence of about 5-7 days of posting per week on the platform, especially as you first begin, in order to gain traction. 

The posts can be short, but they should be focused and done with attention to detail. They have to grab attention in the first 2 seconds, so it’s all about strategy. 

Now that you have an idea of the time commitment involved, let’s go over a few keys to creating successful, popular content on TikTok that will help your brand have the reach you desire. 

3 keys to making content that will be popular on TikTok: 

Make it engaging.

You have mayyyyybeeee 2 seconds to grab the attention of someone scrolling through TikTok. Most scrollers are using their “For You” page (#FYP), which means they don’t necessarily follow the accounts whose content they are consuming. Make your video pop by being visually appealing, by being energetic, using quick transitions and by jumping on trends. My favorite free app to use for editing videos on TikTok is CapCut. I find it easier to use than the built-in video editor on the clock app (AKA TikTok) but use whatever works best for you! (No, not sponsored by CapCut.)

Make it mimic-able so that others can do it, too.

The worst thing for you to do is make content that lives in a void. TikTok is very good at encouraging conversation through video. Your content should spark that conversation. Create something that people can either mimic (a dance, a song, a sound (yeahhhhhh), a transition) or create content that asks people (indirectly) to “stitch it” and answer the question you provoke or to add their own perspective to the narrative. 

Make is super specific.

If there is a complaint from a creator on TikTok it’s that they feel they get boxed in with their area of expertise. They don’t really get to showcase all aspects of their personality – they become popular for one very specific thing via TikTok. This platform is very good at delivering quality content to people who want it, so you should lean into that. Embrace your specific niche here, and teach the algorithm that you’ll consistently create content for that loyal set of individuals who are looking for it. Don’t fight against the algorithm, make it work for you. You’ll get a lot further swimming with the current. Show your diverse personality via YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram … other platforms that are built to showcase your portfolio. 

There are all kinds of content corners within TikTok. People use hashtags to establish where their content belongs so it’s easily searchable by end users.

There are different TikTok “areas” that you can create content for. WitchTok, CornTok, CatTok … the list is endless. Use the hashtags to properly reach the audience with whom your content will resonate the most. Consistently create that content. Don’t answer broad questions, answer really nice questions. Take deep dives. Don’t spend time explaining things to people who may be new to the concept. Jump in with gusto. 

Have you created content on TikTok? What have your results been? Share it with us in the comments and let’s learn how to crush this platform together!

Thank you for reading! 

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