My 4 Favorite Google Analytics Reports to Check Monthly

Analytics are the metrics and measures that tell you how people are interacting with the content you produce. Google Analytics is offered for free, and you can install it easily into your website (if you don’t have it already). As a marketer, Analytics give me LIFE! I love the fact that you can easily track…

3 Tips to Deliver Difficult News

In order to build authentic relationships with your customers (and potential customers) you have to create a trusting, transparent relationship. Part of that process is deliver difficult (or downright bad) news with grace. In this post I give you three tips to clearly communicating difficult news that will help you build a trusting, honest relationship with your customers or followers.

Why Your Customer Service Reps Should be Your First Audience as a Marketer

Too often I see customer-facing employees feel disenfranchised by their company. They feel like they are the last to know about programs and products. Make it stop! You need to reverse this trend as a marketer so you don’t over promise and under-deliver. In this post I give you four tips for making sure your customer service reps are always prepared to give graciously to your clients.

7 Strategies for Writing Effective Marketing Emails

Direct email marketing is a huge driver of business. According to HubSpot, “Active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion by 2019” and “99% of consumers check their email everyday.” Basically, everyone is on email every single day. Email marketing is a critical component to any business strategy. Since it is so popular, you have…

Five Photography Tips for Marketers

Original photos make all the difference for brands. The good news is, almost everyone can take really great photos that will make your work stand out! Here I give five tips on how to take compelling photos to make your campaigns even stronger.

How to Draft a Social Media Policy for Employees

Navigating the world of social media can be difficult for companies, especially for those with a lot of employees. It’s important to acknowledge the use of social media by employees and to help guide their behavior online. In this post I give you some tips on how to craft a realistic and helpful social media policy for employees.

How to Write a Memorable Thank You Card for Marketers

In this digital era, emails get lost in the shuffle. Everyone gets excited to get physical mail that isn’t a bill so you’ll stand out from the get go if you take the time to send a real Thank You Card. So, here are my essential elements to creating a great, memorable thank you card as a marketer!

Effective Meeting Communication – Stop Wasting Time!

Marketing professionals are part of meetings. Lots of meetings. Sometimes it can feel like a waste of time…but there’s good news – meetings can be effective and fun! Follow these guidelines to make sure you never waste time in a meeting again.